Digital Muses_Collection

In sociology, the ‘bedroom culture’ (McRobbie and Garber 1976) has been defined as the place where youth develop their identity. As children grow up, the meaning of private spaces evolves together with the desire of escaping from the domestic realm towards street-based subcultures or more contemporary applications such as virtual realms. Every day millions of people stream online from their more or less elaborated rooms. Driven by curiosity we started the experiment of analyzing those rooms with the eye of a designer.

Virtual intimacy is now part of our daily lives. The variety of its contents has led us to focus our attention on what most can affect the visual communication field, which is the world of streamers. But streamers are so many: makeup artists, home chefs, Gamers, review’s bloggers, comic entertainers, vloggers, cosplayers, interviewers, scientific communicators etc… This led us to take a very precise artistic direction among one of the many existing sub-categories, which fell on the virtual phenomenon of Camgirls/boys.

The camming business delves into the untold history of web chat, and the potential for internet broadcasting. How can design be influenced by this digital reality and what products can it generate? How can our results break the superficial and stereotyped idea that rotates around Camgirls/boys, and how this can deepen the topic? Through the research for elements that create a Camgirl/boy identity, we try to develop a representative product from it: Stucco wall decorations-lights. By extrapolating symbols, languages, sets and attitudes from the Camgirl/boy world, we want to understand how these can influence the design and which stimuli and formal/aesthetic/visual solutions bring.