Facing the hype_Diorama Collection

As GROOVIDO navigates the complex social fabric of modern and digital culture, the concept of hype, a marketing strategy making products must-haves, emerges as a powerful force that permeates our daily lives.

Considered a central characteristic in the dynamics of modern fashion, due to the insistent influences of social and streaming apps, it has had an impact on the furniture design industry as well, evident through collaborations like IKEA x VIRGIL ABLOH.

GROOVIDO decided to explore how the hype phenomenon is shaping the contemporary design scene, through their new cabinets collection, in which they delve into the intricate interplay between fashion, design, societal trends, and personal identity.

Drawing inspiration from collectible toys, a key element in the hypebeast culture, the design studio has focused on the translations of diorama figures (meticulous compositions of visual elements that replicate a specific scenary) into 2D patterns that adorn the furniture pieces.

The cabinets, crafted with an open all-round design, are a careful blend of 3 different materials – lacquered wood for the structure, laminated glass for the vitrines, and laser-cut aluminum for the decorations.These aluminum adornments seamlessly weave their way across the entire cabinet, creating a dynamic play of solid and voids that embellish and emphasize the collectible treasures within each vitrine.

Special thanks to COEF for the collaboration and to Cuultur Eindhoven for the support.

Photo: Mathijs Labadie