The Exhibition “Prophecies of dust” took place in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2022. GROOVIDO transformed the 600m2 grote zaal of TAC in an immersive exhibition combining technology design and art. The exhibition’s innovation lies in the unique way the duo showcased for the first time a new technological breakthrough in the heavy clay industry. Experimenting with it they designed a furniture collection and a scenography to be experienced by the viewer like being projected in a video game, complete with a soundtrack, digital map, props shop, dungeon, and much more to discover.

GROOVIDO designed the furniture collection, the wall panels, and all the decorative elements necessary for the exhibition, made out of clay, binding material, ceramic pigments, and glazes. The pieces were produced by the company Rodruza. Groovido curated the whole exhibition collaborating with different professional figures and organizations in order to create the scenography and the entire setting. In particular, for the music experience, the duo worked with the Artist Richard van Kruysdijk who created a custom quadrophonic composition. 

Furthermore, they created a real 8-bit videogame that the public could experience in a dedicated game room, narrating the story of the exhibition. The Gameboys functioned also as a guide for the experience, giving explanations about the pieces displayed. Taking inspiration from the videogame world they also created some easter eggs that were hidden inside some of the drawings on the furniture pieces, so that the public had to explore and become an active player of the exhibition.

Location: TAC (Temporary Art Center), Vonderweg 1, 5611 BK Eindhoven

Date: 22-30 October 2022

Curation: GROOVIDO

Soundscape: Richard Van Kruisdijk

Photo: Boudewijn Bollmann, Marcel de Buck, Almicheal Fraay